Lip Waxing

Facial waxing is a tricky business. Unlike less sensitive areas such as your legs or even underarms, the facial area is hyper-sensitive and prone to ingrown hairs after a lip or eyebrow waxing service. Our waxing specialist sets out to do things differently which is why we aim to make all of the facial waxing services at our salon to be as painless as possible.

Using only hard stipless wax, we will gently apply and remove excess hair from your lip and chin. After we use the wax, we immediately apply water followed by lotions to keep the irritation down and prevent the development of ingrown hairs and bacterial infections. After all, what is the point of facial waxing if your hair is replaced by unsightly acne bumps?

At Chapman Health & Wellness, we are the lip waxing experts of the Fullerton, CA area. To learn more about our waxing services, give us a call or stop in.